Esmeralda studies classical voice at the conservatory of Utrecht and 
before that she studied at the conservatory of Tilburg, The Netherlands.
Her interest in singing started at a young age. She joined a children’s choir and later a choir for teens and youngsters with whom she performed (among others) ‘The Carmina Burana’ from Carl Orff and an adaptation of the musical ‘The Lion King’. She also took personal singing lessons. Esmeralda loves all sorts of music, from Musical, Opera and R&B to Pop and Irish Folksongs.
She has been playing the piano since she was seven and never stopped since. She writes her own songs and has drawers full of finished and unfinished poems and lyrics.
Annique and Esmeralda went to school together where they both took drama and music lessons. On their first day in the same class Annique asked Esmeralda to come sit next to her and a true friendship started.
      Photo by Dirk Plug

In their exam year they wrote their own musical together with other friends and they performed it with peers and fellow students.

Esmeralda first performed with the Crazy Dutch Regulars in 2006.

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