I'm Hanneke Janissen-de Leeuw, aged 57, mother of a 27 year old son and 22 year old daughter, and married to Arie. I graduated long ago from the musical conservatory where I specialized in singing and AMV. Due to those two diplomas, I have done many concerts to fill my resumé with and I've had the opportunity to do many fun musical things in my life. Too many to mention here, but highlights include performing with Miranda van Kralingen, Charles van Tassel, Margot van der Laak, Marco Bakker, etc. Currently I'm a teacher teaching music at an elementary school, at home to a few private students and I incidentally work for Factorium Tilburg. Highlights from my work in these aspects include training youngsters to perform musicals or schoolperformances and writing songs for Factorium. I joined Tilburgs Vocaal Ensemble when they were studying 'Hohe Messe' for the first time.

         Photo by Dirk Plug

I have many hobbies! I enjoy gardening, sewing, reading, being involved with music, travelling, crafts, cooking (and unfortunately eating), etc., but one of my favorite things, one that is on our 'to-do' list every year, is performing at festivals in England, where we as a family (occasionally including two stepgranddaughters) perform Dutch folk songs. When asked though, we also perform those songs in Holland. Besides our own performances we are sometimes also incorporated into shows by other entertainers and musicians. Obviously music is a big part of our lives, espescially with our children trying to make it in 'the bizz' as well!

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